Announcing Partnership with Sports Medicine Association Singapore

POCARI SWEAT is proud to announce its partnership with Sports Medicine Association Singapore (SMAS), the registered society for sports medicine and sports science professionals in Singapore, to provide insightful information on proper hydration and a spectrum of other sports science topics to encourage a healthy lifestyle. This partnership marks POCARI SWEAT as the SMAS' first-ever Official Hydration Partner.

Beyond the common belief that the body needs water to compensate for fluid losses during perspiration, electrolyte imbalances and low blood sugar levels are also major causes for concern in prolonged exercise. POCARI SWEAT’s electrolyte concentration resembles the natural fluid balance in the human body, which can help replenish lost water and electrolytes that the body needs after exercise.

Sports Medicine Association Singapore

SMAS is a community of doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, sports nutritionists and dieticians, exercise physiologists, sports scientists, and sports psychologists.  It aims to promote sports medicine and sports science knowledge to the sporting community in Singapore and beyond. SMAS is a member of the International Federation of Sports Medicine and the Asian Federation of Sports Medicine. It is supported by CoachSG and the Singapore National Youth Sports Institute.

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Upcoming events

Look out for upcoming educational events jointly organized by SMAS and POCARI SWEAT along with sports science and sports medicine professionals to throw light on interesting sports-related subjects! These seminars will appeal not only to the sports science and sports medicine community, but also the general public.

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