SGTokyoRunners Gathering ( 27 Jan 2018)

Period: 27 - 27 Jan 2018

SGTokyoRunners Gathering ( 27 Jan 2018)
SGTokyoRunners Gathering ( 27 Jan 2018)

SGTokyoRunners Gathering was a blast ! Stay tuned for more insights on how to prepare for an overseas marathon and event highlights .

Don't forget to share your photos at #SGTokyoRunners too when you are preparing in SG or running around Tokyo .

A massive thank you to so many of you who made our gathering possible!
- All the wonderful runners who look smashing in blue!
- Super supportive brand partners ASICS and ASICS RUNNING CLUB (SINGAPORE).
- Dear friends and panelists Jieshi, Dr. Derek, Ivan, Andy, Steph, Dr Baoying and Boon Hwa.
- The gracious TMSC Carbo-loading dinner host Makiko-san.

Catch you running in SG  or Tokyo everyone!

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