Introducing POCARI SWEAT ION Water

First launched in Japan in 2013, POCARI SWEAT ION Water is a light, clean-tasting beverage designed to optimally maintain ion balance & hydration in daily scenarios. It is the lighter isotonic beverage option developed by POCARI SWEAT which provides essential ions to hydrate and replenish body fluids, with 48% LESS SUGAR compared to regular isotonic drinks. Sweetened with natural sugars and containing Luo Han Guo extract, it tastes light and refreshing, even at room temperature. Perfect for light workouts, or simply enjoy the Healthier Choice beverage anytime!

Difference between ION Water and POCARI SWEAT

POCARI SWEAT is the original isotonic drink developed to hydrate the body after doing high intensity activities and/or endurance sports such as running, that result in greater loss of body fluids through perspiration. It contains essential ions that resemble body fluid for smooth replenishment of water and electrolytes.

POCARI SWEAT ION Water is suitable for light exercises and/or daily consumption due to lower sugar content as compared to POCARI SWEAT, while still containing essential ions for rehydration purposes.

Availability of POCARI SWEAT ION Water

POCARI SWEAT ION Water is available in Singapore since Jul’18 and can be found in major supermarkets and convenience stores.